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We are located in the scenic Pend Oreille river valley of the Selkirk mountain range at the very north eastern corner of Washington State. It is a rugged and fairly lush landscape with a wealth of diverse wildlife which we thoroughly enjoy.

We have raised purebred African Pygmy goats and a few registered Nigerian Dwarf goats for many years just for the pure enjoyment of having miniature, capricious and loveable goats for ourselves and others. After seeing the TV specials on "The Discovery Channel" and "Dirty Jobs" featuring fainting goats, my husband insisted he wanted us to have some fainting goats. So, in 2007 we purchased our first pair of fainting, (myotonic) goats. These two particular goats were extremely sweet natured even though they weren't tame, needless to say we were hooked on fainting goats.

In researching more about the fainting goat breed we found the miniature silky fainters and fell totally in love with the beauty and potential of this newly developing breed of fainting (myotonic) goat. We have since dedicated ourselves to maintaining and improving the original myotonic fainting goat as well as furthering the advancement and development of the miniature silky fainting goat breed.

We also discovered in researching the fainting goat that many breeders are adamant that this breed of goat not be called fainting goats, but myotonic goats as they do not actually faint, but have a form of myotonia which causes the muscles to stiffen or "lock up" to varying degrees when startled or trying to move quickly. This causes them to either stand stiffly or fall to the ground in a stiffened state, which they recover from within seconds. The myotonic levels range from level 1 to level 6. Level 1 is never or rarely seen to stiffen and level 6 actually walks with a stiffened motion and locks up very readily.

We here at Critter Hollow firmly believe that the original myotonic or "fainting goat" should be conformationally correct with heavy muscling and a strong degree of myotonia as per the MGR and IFGA standards.

While the "Miniature Silky Fainting Goat" is still a newly developing breed and is not completely consistent yet as far as coat length, head furnishings, conformation and myotonia, we here at Critter Hollow are striving for the full package of correct conformation, coat and a consistent level of myotonia as per the MSFGA standards.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website and feel free to shoot us any questions or just to talk goat.

Herd tested negative March 2011 for CAE, CL, and Johnes

Member of MGR, MSFGA, IFGA, AGS, and NPGA

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